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Reading the last pages of this publication, on the final day of Between Realities at the PQ in Prague, I realize the turmoil has abated along with all the noise. This publication in itself is a silent witness of an incredible noisy project realized by many different voices talking with each other day and night and during and after the many activities that took place within the eleven days that made up this PQ.

The blank pages meanwhile waited silently, first in a car, later on in our publishing room in Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, longing for the printers to print the results of this exceptional research. Hoping the next day would be their turn. Written text still has the aura of  fact. Now that the noisy work is done, everything seems to be settled.

Seems, because what you read is like the dust after a battle or storm. And in your hands, this dust like text, can be used to make bricks to build with or to make paint to visualize a thought. You can write in dust.

In that sense, I hope this publication is a starting point, a rich source that might lead to further discussion, to the creation of a common language on scenographic thinking and scenographic practises across different domains. A language that focuses on relations, interactions, imagination and performativity and offers tools to describe what we can see and experience when we take the time to watch and observe carefully, when we zoom in on processes, question interpretations and disrupt expectations and conventional frameworks.

I must also mention the almost absurd and addictive energy that everybody invested in this project, the generosity of all the artists, designers, curators, publishers, technicians and production assistants involved. I hope in this exceptional dust you can hear the music.


Anne Karin ten Bosch