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Talking in Town is a series of three public talks about the relation between scenography and the public domain.


These talks take place somewhere in Prague at one of the many ‘found stages’ the city has to offer. A moderator will lead the discussions. Guests will be the artists and designers who on behalf of The Netherlands are taking part in Between Realities. But also artists from other countries who are publicly active during the PQ join in as well as several experts who have been invited to speak on this theme. The talks are open to the public.


In Talking in Town III, the last talk of this series, we discuss the potential disruptive quality of artistic interventions in public space. How can they shift, intensify or even cut through our conventional experience and interaction with the city? And which role can scenography in particular, play in this process?


Moderator: Ine Poppe (art critic)


Guests: Maarten van Otterdijk (scenographer), Carly Everaert (costume designer), Katja Heitmann (choreographer), and Liesbeth Groot Nibbelink (dramaturg and theatre scholar)


Photo: Blue Gorilla