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After 10 days of research into the staged realities of Prague’s public space, we want to share and discuss with you  our most fascinating findings, interesting conclusions, and pressing questions. We will launch the complete publication Between Realities and invite you to be there with us!


The Dutch program Between Realities is an ongoing  research in the public space of Praha 1, the city centre of Prague. It consists of small scale interventions,  cartographic explorations and public discussions with the audience and local and international guests.


For the last 10 days during PQ a team of scenographers, designers and artists has investigated and intervened in the many staged realities that are to be found around the PQ venues. Our team has used their scenographical tools and views to map realities of commerce, tourism, history, politics, labour and art; to expose or question their scenography, or even transform it.


Questions that have been addressed: How do these realities work? How are they staged? What is their scenography and what does this scenography do to how people act, think, perceive and experience? And most importantly, how do all these different realities relate to each other and how do we cope with its complexity? Do we flee, fight, shelter, negotiate or surrender?


The outcomes of our collective research have been constantly processed online on our website and offline in our expo room in Colloredo-Mansfeld. Each day a new magazine with the results of the day was printed. Now it’s time to have a look at all 10 magazines and tell you: what have we actually brought into the world?