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Iris Schutten (1972) is an architect and writer focusing on social design. She is interested in the transformation of cities and public space, with a focus on open design, sustainability, gamification and cultural diversity.

She was involved in several architectural re-use and art projects, like the convertion of a former dockyard into a cultural and self-build city (NDSM terrain in Amsterdam), the re-use of a monumental schoolbuilding De Grote Pyr in The Hague and the art project Laboratory for the Interim of Hotel Tranvaal in The Hague. The Laboratory of the Interim resulted in the publication Between Times, Hotel Transvaal catalyzing Urban Transformation. She was co-founder of the Dutch knowledgeplatform Beyond Temporary Use and is initiatior and editor in chief of the international on-& offline magazine Beyond Social, investigating social art and design.

Iris Schutten investigates, publishes, organizes and curates for cities, art institutions, foundations, educational institutions and magazines and leads the interdisciplinary Social Art & Design department of the Willem De Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.